We specialize in telling stories that humanize cultures, causes, and brands

Best 30 Seconds is a team of documentary filmmakers and an advisory firm that creates your communication strategy through dramatic storytelling.



Fractional CMO

Any company looking to accelerate its marketing success should work with a fractional CMO to take advantage of specialized skills, increased efficiency, and cost-savings.

If audiences connect emotionally to your stories, they’ll connect emotionally to your mission

Emotions motivate change

Stories inspire action

5-Phases to Success

We review your current needs and strategies in order to build a robust communications plan. This plan includes assessing current communications and providing recommendations to rebuild with intentional creativity and clarity, as well as identifying and outlining the target audience. Additionally, the plan includes producing content such as videos, copywriting, and social media that works to tell your story and accomplish your goals. Finally, we establish systems, a calendar, strategies, and distribution channels to reach your goals.

Phase One: Evaluation
Phase Two: Brand, Voice, and Story Creation
Phase Three: Strategy and Tactics
Phase Four: Initiate Ongoing Deliverables and Identify Partners
Phase Five: Measuring and Iterating