Fractional CMO

For a small percentage of the traditional cost, take advantage of our experience and skills as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in order to maximize your budget and accelerate your marketing initiatives.



Go-To-Market Strategy


Multi-Touch Lead Development


Brand Development


Inbound Funnel Development


Communications Strategy


Achievement of KPIs and Goals




  • 1 Lower cost: The cost of hiring a fractional CMO is considerably lower than that of a large agency.
  • 2 More Flexible: A fractional CMO can provide more tailored services to fit the specific needs of a company more effectively.
  • 3 More specialized: A fractional CMO can specialize in specific areas of marketing and thus provide more in-depth expertise in those areas.
  • 4 Faster turnaround time: A fractional CMO is more likely to be able to provide quicker turnaround times than a larger agency.
  • 5 Greater ability to manage budgets and resources: A fractional CMO is better equipped to manage budgets and resources more effectively than a large agency.
  • 6 Increased efficiency: A fractional CMO can be more efficient due to less bureaucracy, less overhead, and fewer layers of management.
  • 7 Easier to scale up or down: A fractional CMO is more agile and easier to scale up or down should the company’s needs change.
  • 8 More agile: A fractional CMO can be more agile in their approach and provide a more timely response to marketing needs.
  • 9 Easier to build relationships: With a fractional CMO, it’s easier to develop relationships and gain more insight into the company’s needs from the get-go.
  • 10 More personalize service: A fractional CMO will be able to provide a more personalized service tailored specifically to the company’s unique goals and needs.


To provide comprehensive leadership in order to increase marketing excellence, leads, KPIs, and target goals.

Brand Building

  • Story, Voice, and Brand
  • Social
  • Print
  • Web


  • Email
  • Video
  • Social Media & Blog
  • Content Calendar
  • Photography
  • Much More

Research and Analysis

  • Competitive Research and Analysis
  • Current Organizational Brand and Marketing Analysis
  • Existing Marketing and Brand Visual Identity Analysis 
  • Online Visual Branding Analysis 

5-Phases to Success

We review your current needs and strategies in order to build a robust communications plan. This plan includes assessing current communications and providing recommendations to rebuild with intentional creativity and clarity, as well as identifying and outlining the target audience. Additionally, the plan includes producing content such as videos, copywriting, and social media that works to tell your story and accomplish your goals. Finally, we establish systems, a calendar, strategies, and distribution channels to reach your goals.

Phase One: Evaluation
Phase Two: Brand, Voice, and Story Creation
Phase Three: Strategy and Tactics
Phase Four: Initiate Ongoing Deliverables and Identify Partners
Phase Five: Measuring and Iterating

Ideation to Execution