Monrovia Plants and
Redeem Your Ground

Connecting hearts to outdoor living spaces.


The Challenge

For nearly a century, Monrovia has been the industry leader in growing plants that are both beautiful and healthier than its competitors. However, they didn’t feel that the story they had historically told effectively communicated the heart behind Monrovia.

Conversely, Redeem Your Ground was a start-up landscape design firm and home & garden blog, wanting to get its story told to those longing for more life outside at home.


The Solution

Partnering with both Monrovia and Redeem Your Ground, I was invited to connect plants and outdoor spaces to human emotion through video story-telling. Producing a series of videos, we captured deep nostalgia through everyday experiences outside at home while providing helpful information to the homeowner.


Get In Touch

As highly-curious storytellers, we believe under the surface of every person (and company) there is something great to tell. These stories connect audiences with human emotion inspiring them to take action. We all know, deep down inside, likes and clicks don’t quite compel the human heart to join a mission. Stories do.


“Joe is a visionary of what could be. He creates excitement by painting an outcome that people feel compelled to go after. People love Joe’s humor and emotionally connect with him almost immediately. His standards are high and he expects others to live up to them, not by command but through making them attractive and inviting.”
Curt Coffman, author "First Break All The Rules"

Joe has forged the ability to consistently develop excellent, tack-sharp creative that draws out, underscores, and demystifies brands while telling a good story from every angle that is both fresh and inviting yet tremendously relatable.