Green Harvest

The Green Harvest program at Kimberly-Clark is a tribute to the innovative thinking in the world of paper product manufacturing.

The Tale of Two Parents

Turning this story of technological innovation into a meaningful and memorable story about people was my challenge.

The Challenge

Despite being an innovative, environmentally-conscious paper products manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark is often viewed by consumers as an unethical corporation that is destroying the environment.
Our challenge was to flip this perceived story into one that highlights Kimberly-Clark’s investments in technological innovations and commitment to the environment told in a visually powerful and emotive way.

The Solution

Working with two Senior Creative Directors, the idea started on the back of a napkin over lunch. The eventual story juxtaposes a farmer’s values with those of a Kimberly-Clark executive: a man whose life and living come from the soil vs. a woman whose life in the corporate world might seem a million miles from the farm.

Our Role

With a tight deadline and a limited budget, we produced a video that Kimberly-Clark still uses more than five years later.

Get In Touch

As highly-curious storytellers, we believe under the surface of every person (and company) there is something great to tell. These stories connect audiences with human emotion inspiring them to take action. We all know, deep down inside, likes and clicks don’t quite compel the human heart to join a mission. Stories do.

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